Mid Century Rancher Slash Bungalow

We  took possession of this mid century rancher-with-basement slash bungalow in December, 2009.

You know how it is with wedding dresses?  The first one you try on is the one you go back to, even after trying on 943576128 other dresses?  This was our wedding dress.  Thank goodness we realized that before someone else got their “I’m gonna reno-and-rent this bitch up fast and nasty ” hands on it.

Our realtor reminded us that typically, new home owners rarely stay in that first home for more than 5 years before they’re off and running for their next one.  Sorry D, we’re staying put.  Our plans are a little more long term than 5 years – hell, we’ve been here almost 3 and we’ve still got a buttload of ideas in mind (and in progress….)!

We’ve got a lot to do, not much cash to do it with, and little time to do it in.  There’s going to be lulls in the progress but I’ll find something to fill it with.


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