Thrifters Unite!

Thrifting is, bar none, my favourite hobby.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’d rather cruise thrift stores than hit the malls. We live in a burgeoning town in the Fraser Valley: the Bible Belt of BC. Our thrift stores are full of Dutch-themed and religious crap but there *is* the occasional surprise.

Despite our particularly bleak financial situation this month, I escaped the sick husband for a couple of hours last week to make the rounds of my ‘regular’ stores. Spent less than $10 and I’m hoping to recoup that and more by selling two Pyrex primary bowls (I have a full set already).


Magazine rack? Toilet paper holder? I have no idea. I like the shape.

I really wanted to take these still lifes home.  Damn poorness.

I love that it’s a pirate but otherwise meh, right?

Two JAJ Pyrex in patterns I’ve never seen before. It’s not common to find this stuff here, per se, but I’ve seen several pieces.

Thought this was Broyhill at the store but now I don’t think it is. It’s a sewing cabinet that desperately needs some love.  Look at those lines! But ewww the base…ok. Maybe I don’t actually like this piece.

Honderich was stamped on the back of this china cabinet.  $55. Eff me. I don’t *love* it because it’s darker than I usually go for (teak please!) but for that price, and a silverware drawer for my sadly neglected wedding set?!  Again – screw you, poorness.

The pears, not so much.  But the flowers were totally calling my name.

Love this little vignette at the Mennonite thrift store.  They do try – I just despise how they’ve started picking through their donations, and selling the good stuff via craigslist and eBay.  Also, what is up with these wickery ball things?

Hello Snail Soap Dispenser. Mind if I stuff my toothbrush in your Whale friend over there?

Love the ceramic dish, undecided on the apple. I love the wood, hate the brass. Plus it reminds me of a teacher’s gift. Polished up though, could be a neat piece with some pottery.

Full on man cave addition. Like in the bathroom. On the toilet tank. Watching you poop and criticizing every grunt – he’s even brown.

I really like this and I don’t know why.

At the end of it all I brought home just a few things:

a planter for my sansiveria, ceramic piece, tacky Golden Nugget Las Vegas ashtray.

And of course the two Pyrex primary bowls; both in fantastic condition and currently listed for sale.


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