Our House at the Beginning

This was the house at inspection and on possession day. It’s kind of embarrassing how little we’ve done in 2.5 years…although this past year was basically a write-off.

We’re looking forward to the the progress we’ll be making in the next few months.

Strap yourselves in, and prepare for photo-overload. You are about to embark on a hell-bent, five-cent “Our House at the Beginning” tour.  I’ll save the completely unfinished basement for another time…

Google Street View of our house in the spring (about 8 months before we moved in).

Front entrance (cork flooring in foyer area).

Living room, as seen from dining room.

Fireplace, drapery, wood paneling.

Dining room and back yard, as seen from living room. Walk through to kitchen on left.

Hallway to bedrooms and bathroom, as seen from dining room/kitchen walk through.

Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.

Third bedroom/office.

Third bedroom/office and entrance to bathroom.


Kitchen and partial dining room.

Kitchen with full Youngstown steel cabs treatment including boomerang hardware, original dishwasher, window knick knack shelves, 3 lazy susans. Countertops are Formica boomerang pattern in gray and pink. Cutting board to the right of the sink is built-in.


Original Youngstown dishwasher.

Kitchen window directly above sink looking over backyard.

Doorway to basement and back exterior door.

Front foyer.

Rear steps off of dining room (original sliding glass doors). You can see a basement window to the lower right, and the kitchen window to the upper right.

Hey wow did you make it the whole way? Thanks!!


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