The Bathroom Part 1

This is the current state of the bathroom. Status? Unfinished.

I called this post ‘Part 1’ because I am lazy; Part 2 will follow soonish with our plans to finish this beast off once and for all!

This isn’t sooo bad (at inspection).

Ah yes. Sprung a leak, has she matey?

We had no money left after closing costs and a moving truck so heavy duty poly and duct tape served as a stopgap measure.

Don’t judge. It worked.

After a couple of months, my father in law and his brother came out to lend a hand in getting the shower project going.

(Ok, I admit it: they did all the work because we are a couple of Nancy’s who had no idea what we were doing.)

The entire bath and toilet area: gutted. Aside from the use of the toilet and sink, this bathroom becomes unusable.

Our house has just one full bathroom so…this is where we showered while the bathroom was being done.

Those two (very long) months totally tested my ick and fear factors.  Ick factor? Pretty self explanatory.  Fear factor…super creepy basement right outside that door, man. You don’t even know. What could have been lurking behind those unpacked boxes, under the stair case…in the sump!

(Admission: The Ring was a pretty major contributor to my Sump Fear. One night my sister and I got drunk and I told her about how scary it was; how I couldn’t even go get laundry at night because it’s so dark, and something could come UP from there  – it’s probably like six feet deep! She made a disgusted noise, took a swig of her beer and let’s just say she was very brave and now I know the sump is only about a foot deep with beachy looking sand at the bottom (when it’s not got floodwater in it of course). Also, my sister is bad-ass.)

Showering in the basement revealed another water leak issue: we think the catch basin under the shower is cracked. Water pools in the (completely unfinished) bedroom directly beside the ‘bathroom’. So it’s coming from under the wall. Too bad so sad, Mr Basement Bathroom. You have much potential but I am not touching you until I’m finished upstairs.

In an effort to gain a few more inches, the toilet was moved deeper into the stall.  The wall separating the bath and toilet area was reframed and replumbed.  Tub installed and drywall hung.

Once the drywall was up it was painted with a Home Depot product called Red Guard, a moisture barrier.  It’s very red.

We’d chosen white subway tile with two sassy little strips of black. The corner shelves were husband’s idea and they’re pretty awesome. It took some convincing but I got the grey grout I wanted; even the father in law and his brother came around to it.

(Side note: I had not wanted the tile to meet the ceiling. It does. End of story.)

Done! Well, minus the final hardware pieces but whatever, I don’t have a picture of that.

That first shower made me cry. I’m not even kidding. It was so bright and clean and new. Best fucking shower of my life.

Still to do:

-insulate wherever possible during final renovations (we’ve found NO insulation in the walls of the bathroom so far)

-install exhaust fan (since the wall and ceiling near the toilet are currently open and accessible, we might as well take advantage of it)

-demo vanity, backsplash, floor and parts of old drywall

-finish new  drywall (must also look into a product or method to help prevent mildew; hoping the exhaust fan will also help with moisture removal during the winter when we can’t open the window because of the shrink-wrap film covering them)

-install new subfloor and floor tile, backsplash, vanity and sink, light fixture


THEN…                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AND NOW.


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